Hey everyone! Just wanted to give you a summary of what’s going on with the studio, our artists and when we will be reopen for business!

We’ve had several artists leave Australia to go back home to their native countries due to the pandemic, some will be back and some won’t be. We also have a few guest artist cancel their trips just before the virus got crazy and we are hoping to reschedule them for when things are safe to travel again.  I’ll give you a breakdown here of whats what.

Seth Arcane has been with Authentink Studio for 6 years and recently (the last 6 months) he decided to move back to Europe. We wish him all the very best in his new life there and he knows he is always welcome back at the studio anytime to guest or return as a resident. Seth will be returning from time to time to work and visit so if you’re keen to get some work from him just keep an eye on his social media and ours.

A few guests that had to leave in a hurry that will be missed greatly and I have on good authority will be back as soon as possible, Mauro Imperatori, Ruhwan and Horikami stand out particularly. Mauro had to fly back to Europe to tend to his sick father at the height of the Italian outbreak… risking his own life…  he made the journey safely and we wish all the best for his family and himself. Stay strong my friend and we’ll see you when this is all over!

Ruhwan and Horikami had to fly back to Korea to be with each their parents in this uncertain time, they  will back as soon as possible to continue with their  work here and carry on doing amazing tattoos!

Den Den will be coming back to Sydney as soon things mellow out and we can’t wait to host him again!  We are also hoping to get Liz Hapi to make the journey out here that she had to postpone… see how we go!

Everyone else on our artist page is here, ready, waiting, and keen to start working 6 days a week when we reopen to pick up where we left off and catch up on bookings!

By the looks of things I am optimistic that we’ll be opening in early June, if not sooner, we’ll have stringent safely precautions in place, as we did before shutting down, yours and our safety is paramount.  As soon as we know something, hear a rumour or get a signal from government we’ll let you know!

Horisumi family update:  I am doing Instagram Live – Japanese tattoo Q & A – video program with a different theme each week, 8:30pm (AEST) Friday nights..  I take questions, present topics and discuss all things tattoo. Come say hi and check it out! @horisumi

I currently have two deshi that have impressed the hell of me with their hard work and diligence, Marco and Marcus, both made full Deshi before the shutdown after several months of being interns and even now being locked down they are drawing every day and send me their work to critique, good stuff!  And I would also like to welcome Braydon to the team as an intern starting when the studio opens. That is the current crew.


Thats all for now… In the meantime, stay safe, stay healthy and keep busy!  see you soon!